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G2S Project Code: 2016-CT-77973
State: Connecticut
Fiscal Year: 2016

Project Director
Director Name: Lucas R. Franklin
Director Phone: 203-272-2245 x33005
Director Email:
General Information
Title: Community Connections
State Project Code:
Start Date: 02/01/2017
End Date: 09/30/2017
Abstract: The Cheshire Public Library connected community agencies (non-profit and government organizations) with community members, particularly recent retirees, who were looking for volunteer opportunities. The program also provided a social space for civic-minded individuals to connect with one another.

This program was developed through the CT State Library’s pilot project, EXCITE Transformation for Libraries.

State Goal: Literacies and learning
Budget Information
Improve users’ ability to participate in their community.
Civic Affairs
Community Concerns
Activity Details
Title: Volunteer Fairs
Narrative: The library partnered with over 30 local non-profit and government organizations, such as the Cheshire Land Trust, Interfaith Housing of Cheshire, and League of Women Voters, to offer sessions matching potential volunteers with opportunities. The first two sessions with six organizations each were held at the library. After participants indicated that they wanted more groups represented, the third session was offered as a large-scale volunteer fair at the Cheshire High School where more than 30 organizations participated. Going forward, the library will centralize information about volunteer opportunities using new software. Volunteers will also plant community gardens at local preschools and town agencies.

Intent: Improve users’ ability to participate in their community.

Activity: Instruction
Mode: Program
Format: In-person

Session length (minutes): 120
Number of sessions in program: 3
Average number in attendance per session: 73
Number of times program administered: 1

Partner Information
Organization Type of Partner Organization(s):
Libraries: No
Historical Societies or Organizations: No
Museums: No
Archives: No
Cultural Heritage Organization Multi-type: No
Preschools: No
Schools: No
Adult Education: No
Human Service Organizations: No
Other: No

Legal Type of Partner Organization(s):
Federal Government: No
State Government: No
Local Government (excluding school districts): No
School District: No
Non-Profit: No
Private Sector: No
Tribe/Native Hawaiian Organization: No

Is the activity directed at the library workforce: No
For a targeted group or for the general population: General

Is the activity state-wide: No
Specific Locations: Yes
Address: 104 MAIN ST.
State: CT
Zip: 06410
Question 1: I learned something by participating in this library activity.
Strongly Agree: 6
Agree: 4
Neither Agree nor Disagree: 1
Disagree: 1
Strongly Disagree: 0
Non-Response: 0
Question 2: I feel more confident about what I just learned.
Strongly Agree: 5
Agree: 3
Neither Agree nor Disagree: 3
Disagree: 1
Strongly Disagree: 0
Non-Response: 0
Question 3: I intend to apply what I just learned.
Strongly Agree: 6
Agree: 1
Neither Agree nor Disagree: 4
Disagree: 1
Strongly Disagree: 0
Non-Response: 0
Question 4: I am more aware of resources and services provided by the library.
Strongly Agree: 6
Agree: 3
Neither Agree nor Disagree: 1
Disagree: 0
Strongly Disagree: 0
Non-Response: 2
Question 5: I am more likely to use other library resources and services.
Strongly Agree: 6
Agree: 3
Neither Agree nor Disagree: 2
Disagree: 0
Strongly Disagree: 0
Non-Response: 1
Project Outcomes
Project Outcomes
List any important outcomes or findings not previously reported:
Organizations reported success in being able to match participants with volunteer opportunities and expressed a desire to attend future volunteer sessions.
Please briefly describe the importance of these outcomes and findings for future program planning:

Explain one or two of the most significant lessons learned for others wanting to adopt any facets of this project:
The program was difficult for the library to handle logistically due to budget cuts that coincided with the start of the project. In the future, the library will partner with the local high school Honor Society to make phone calls to organizations to ensure they will attend the volunteer sessions.
Do you anticipate continuing this project after the current reporting period ends:
Do you anticipate any change in level of effort in managing this project:

Do you anticipate changing the types of activities and objectives addressed by the project:

Was an evaluation conducted for this project:
Was a final written evaluation report produced:
Can the final written evaluation report be shared publicly on the IMLS website:
Was the evaluation conducted by project staff (either SLAA or local library) or by a third-party evaluator:
What data collection tools were used for any report outcomes and outputs:
Did you collect any media for the data:
What types of methods were used to analyze collected data:
How were participants (or items) selected:
What type of research design did you use to compare the value for any reported output or outcome:
Exemplary: No
Exemplary Narrative
Project Tags: EXCITE, community