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G2S Project Code: 2015-CT-75894
State: Connecticut
Fiscal Year: 2015

Project Director
Director Name: Amy Schumann
Director Phone: 203-794-8756 ext. 0
Director Email:
General Information
Title: Teen Programming - Bethel Public Library
State Project Code:
Start Date: 07/01/2015
End Date: 06/30/2016
Abstract: In response to input from the community, the Bethel Public Library presented a series of free educational programs for teens ages 11-18. The library hosted writing workshops which encouraged creativity and self-expression and improved lifelong learning and writing skills. The library also hosted theater workshops which taught confidence, self-expression, and creativity. Finally, the library hosted many tech classes that provided a place for teens to learn collaboratively and share their knowledge with others.

State Goal: Literacies and learning
Budget Information
Improve users' general knowledge and skills.
Arts, Culture & Humanities
Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM)
Activity Details
Title: Classes
Narrative: The Bethel Public Library offered several series of workshops as well as standalone activities that were generally grouped into technology skills and creative skills.

A series of six classes teaching teens how to program and control Arduinos was offered in both the fall and spring. The Teen Services Librarian presented five standalone classes on how to use the 3D printer. The Library purchased various kits in order to offer additional Makerspace programs, such as LittleBits snap-together circuitry systems, Squishy Circuits, MaKey MaKey basic circuitry kits, 3D pens, button makers, littleBits sets especially for ongoing programs with younger children, and Raspberry Pis and peripherals.

Creative classes included a series of four writing workshops for younger teens in grades 6-9. The Library also offered a four week session on Improvisation followed by "Making the Musical," a series of six classes that culminated in a musical revue performance to friends and family. 

In addition, the library purchased 15 print titles on related subjects and added them to the circulating collection for all library patrons.

Intent: Improve users' general knowledge and skills.

Activity: Instruction
Mode: Program
Format: In-person

Session length (minutes): 60
Number of sessions in program: 37
Average number in attendance per session: 6
Number of times program administered: 1

Partner Information
Organization Type of Partner Organization(s):
Libraries: No
Historical Societies or Organizations: No
Museums: No
Archives: No
Cultural Heritage Organization Multi-type: No
Preschools: No
Schools: No
Adult Education: No
Human Service Organizations: No
Other: No

Legal Type of Partner Organization(s):
Federal Government: No
State Government: No
Local Government (excluding school districts): No
School District: No
Non-Profit: No
Private Sector: No
Tribe/Native Hawaiian Organization: No

Is the activity directed at the library workforce: No
For a targeted group or for the general population: Targeted
Geographic community of the targeted group: Suburban
For what age groups: 6-12 years
13-17 years
For what economic types: Economic Not Applicable
For what ethnicity types: Ethnicity Not Applicable
Is the activity directed at families: No
Is the activity directed at intergenerational groups: No
Is the activity directed at immigrants/refugees: No
Is the activity directed at those with disabilities: No
Limited functional literacy or informational skills: No
Is the activity category not already captured: No

Is the activity state-wide: No
Specific Locations: Yes
Address: 189 GREENWOOD AVE.
State: CT
Zip: 06801
Project Outcomes
Project Outcomes
List any important findings or outcomes from your project:
Programs that encourage movement and self-expression are very popular and desired by this age group. These programs were the most attended and successful in terms of learning and participation.
Please briefly describe importance of findings:
There is definitely a community need and desire for more active programming. The Improv group was very enthusiastic and showed that more time is needed for younger teens to move about and be loud. The Teen Services Librarian thought the theatrical sessions would be popular because of the content, but they showed that teens really need decompression time. Moreover, although teens enjoyed the more sedate programs, too, it was evident that more breaks and out-of-seat activities should have been incorporated into these as well.
What methods did you use to determine your findings? Check all that apply:
Review of Administrative Data
Participant Observation
Based on outputs, outcomes and/or other results, explain any significant lessons learned from these findings for either the SLAA or others in the LIS field:

Do you anticipate continuing this project after the current reporting period ends:
Do you anticipate any change in level of effort:
Yes: Less funding will result in fewer programs.
Do you anticipate any change in the project's scope:
Do you anticipate any other changes in the project:
Exemplary: No
Exemplary Narrative
Project Tags: Young adults, Making