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G2S Project Code: 2015-TX-75736
State: Texas
Fiscal Year: 2015

Project Director
Director Name: Lisa Martinez
Director Phone: 915-875-0700 ext. 8518
Director Email:
General Information
Title: Sow.Grow.Reap.Eat Program
State Project Code: 478-16004
Start Date: 09/01/2015
End Date: 08/31/2016
Abstract: El Paso Public Library created the Sow.Grow.Reap.Eat program to empower the community to grow their own food to address food insecurity and promote healthy lifestyles, while conserving the region’s biodiversity. The library implemented a seed library at each of its 13 locations and supplemented that with instructional programs, including cooking demonstrations. The library partnered with two city departments and an education agency.
State Goal: Goal 3: Access to library services for early learning, success in school, and lifelong learning
Budget Information
Improve users' ability to apply information that furthers their personal or family health & wellness.
Health & Wellness
Activity Details
Title: Seed library
Narrative: El Paso created a seed library by purchasing 54 different seed varieties and making them available at 13 locations. Twenty-nine individuals were trained at the libraries. Seed packets circulated 679 times.

In addition to the seed collection, the library hosted 15 gardening workshops.

Intent: Improve users' ability to apply information that furthers their personal or family health & wellness.

Activity: Instruction
Mode: Consultation/drop-in/referral
Format: In-person

Total number of consultation/reference transactions: 994
Average number of consultation/reference transactions per month: 83

Partner Information
Organization Type of Partner Organization(s):
Libraries: Yes
Historical Societies or Organizations: No
Museums: No
Archives: No
Cultural Heritage Organization Multi-type: No
Preschools: No
Schools: No
Adult Education: No
Human Service Organizations: No
Other: No

Legal Type of Partner Organization(s):
Federal Government: No
State Government: No
Local Government (excluding school districts): No
School District: No
Non-Profit: No
Private Sector: No
Tribe/Native Hawaiian Organization: No

Is the activity directed at the library workforce: No
For a targeted group or for the general population: General

Is the activity state-wide: No
Specific Locations: No
Library Types
Public Libraries: 1
Academic Libraries: 0
Consortia: 0
Special Libraries: 0
School Libraries: 0
Other: 3
Project Outcomes
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